Sweet Freedom: How to Start a Low-Sugar Diet

As a morbidly obese woman, I recall the many times a well-meaning healthcare practitioner permitted me to indulge in sugar with the dietary advice of “everything in moderation.” Not once was I told to consider a no- or low-sugar diet. The key strategy I discovered through my weight-loss journey is the importance of adopting a … Read more

How to Transition to a Special Diet by Sara Zipf

How to Transition to a Special Diet by Sara Zipf

Around 18 million people in the U.S. have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and they are just one group of many that need to follow a special diet. Additional conditions that often benefit from a special diet include ADD and ADHD, allergies, asthma, candidiasis, colitis, kidney disease, gout, and high cholesterol. Adapting to a new diet requires … Read more

6 Tips to Fight Your Sweet Tooth by Kristen Hogrefe Parnell

How sweet life would be if Reese’s peanut butter cups offered nutritional value. Currently staring me down is a half-full bag of Reese’s “Thins,” a delightful but deceptive treat that makes you subconsciously think they’re good for you. They’re not. Clearly, I’m no health expert, nutritionist, or disciplined foodie. Rather, I’m the girl next door … Read more

How to Lose Your Pandemic Pounds

How would you like to lose your pandemic pounds naturally? You can do that through joining my Facebook group, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar, Carbs, and Gluten. In this group, I have a series of three Facebook live sessions that walk you through the steps needed to lose those extra pounds. Click on the … Read more

Healthy Living Online Course | 7 Steps to Improve Your Health

Are you experiencing a health crisis and need to make a change? Would you like to improve your clarity of mind and lose weight naturally? The course, 7 Steps to Improve Your Health and Optimal Weight, will walk you through the process to regain your health and ideal weight, so you can feel energetic again … Read more