Susan merged her
practice of yoga
with her passion
for God's Word.

As a pursuer of ultimate health, Susan merged her practice of yoga with her passion for God's Word. Susan, the founder of Scripture Yoga™, recites theme-based Bible verses during her yoga classes. She is a certified yoga instructor with over 30 years’ experience in practicing and teaching yoga, and she enjoys teaching yoga classes at conferences, churches, and retreats. If you would like her to teach a Scripture Yoga™ class at your event, you can email her at

Through Scripture Yoga™ Susan created the following books, DVDs, and card decks:

• Scripture Yoga
Yoga for Beginners
Christian Yoga: God’s Mighty Angels DVD
Scripture Yoga: What the Bible Says About Prayer DVD
Christian Yoga Deck: The Fruit of the Spirit Cards
Christian Yoga Deck: How to Receive God’s Peace Cards

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Receive a free Scripture Yoga™ class video,
“The Lord’s Festivals.”

This is a yin yoga class format where you hold the poses for a longer period of time. The biblical theme explains the seven festivals God asked the Israelites to observe. Learn how Jesus Christ fulfilled four of the feasts and the last three are prophecy.

In addition, you will receive “The Fall of Lucifer” Scripture Yoga™ class theme. This Bible lesson answers the questions, “Why did Lucifer fall?” and “Why do bad things happen in this world?”