7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health and Optimal Weight

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About Course

RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH AND WEIGHT: You eat healthy foods (at least what you think is healthy), but the scale won’t budge. And the joint pain, brain fog, tiredness, moodiness, and weight gain continues. Wouldn’t you love to wake up feeling energized and happy and lose weight naturally? I will teach you how! Plus this course will help you survive COVID-19 if you happen to get it.


I will teach you the root causes of inappropriate eating habits and help you resolve those issues. Once solved, taming your appetite is much easier than you think.

No more joint pain, weight gain, or digestive issues. Sound too good to be true, I promise you it is possible. All in seven simple lessons with accompanying videos, handouts, and assigned reading in my book, Healthy Living Series. Plus step-by-step guidance from me.

This is what you can expect.


Before                                                                                     After

Craved sugar and carbs                                                       Sugar cravings gone

Overweight                                                                             Lost weight

Joints ached                                                                           Joint pain went away

Foggy mind                                                                            Clarity of mind

Fatigue                                                                                     Energy

Unmotivated                                                                           Motivated

GI issues (belching, bloating, gas, etc.)                               GI issues resolved

Headaches/migraines                                                            Headaches gone

Moody/depressed                                                                   Happy

Skin issues (rash, eczema, psoriasis, acne)                        Skin cleared up

Chronic illness                                                                         Healed


This Christian-based course will also help you discover how to tap into God’s power to evoke lifestyle changes you may have struggled with in the past.

You are not alone. See what others have to say about their results:


“I didn’t know how important it was to allow God in on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. So grateful!”

“After doing every diet in the book, my husband and I tried yours. He lost 35 pounds, and I lost 15. Every pound gone helps us to be healthier. Your plan WORKS!


What is the cost of great health? Other classes cost hundreds of dollars and do not include personal access to the author to ask me questions. This course is less than one doctor’s visit, and it could help resolve many of your health problems. You are worth investing in today!


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What Will I Learn?

  • How to eliminate brain fog, cure diseases, and lose weight
  • Choose foods that benefit versus foods that damage—the ones God gave us to eat not the food manufacturers
  • Recognize the emotional reasons we overeat
  • Understand the science behind food addiction
  • Determine if you have a candida infection (overgrowth of yeast) in the gut
  • Identify food triggers
  • Use God’s Word to fight impulsive eating
  • Find healthy food alternatives
  • Plan your menu
  • You will resolve the root cause of inappropriate eating so you can reclaim your health and ideal weight

Topics for this course

36 Lessons02h

Introduction to 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbs Course?

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Course Syllabus
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Handout: Recommended Products
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Step 1: Decide to Improve Your Health?

The first step to getting off sugar and carbohydrates is to decide—decide to make necessary modifications. No one can make this decision for you; it is your choice. Deciding is the hardest step.

Step 2: Acquire Knowledge and a Support System?

The next step in the journey is to acquire support—to gain the knowledge to make necessary changes and create a system for encouragement and accountability.

Step 3: Clean Out Your Emotions, Pantry, and Refrigerator?

Food and emotions are intrinsically tied together for most of us, so you need to do an emotional check when you begin to clean out the foods that have previously brought you comfort. In addition, you need to clean out the pantry and refrigerator to remove unhealthy foods, so you are not tempted to eat them.

Step 4: Purchase Healthy Foods and an Anti-Candida Cleanse?

Now it is time to purchase groceries based on the healthy eating guidelines. If you feel as though you may have a candida infection of the gut, purchase an anti-Candida cleanse from a health food store or online.

Step 5: Plan for the Start Date?

Determine the date that you will begin changing your eating habits by following the seven-day outline.

Step 6: Prepare and Eats Foods Differently?

You will prepare to eat in a healthier way through creating a weekly menu. Post your menu on the refrigerator, so you know what you planned to cook for each meal during the week.

Step 7: Improve Your Health?

When you take the steps outlined in this course, your health, and energy levels improve because you eat healthy foods that nourish your body. Now you need to continue this lifestyle change for the rest of your life, never turning back to your old eating habits.

Student Feedback


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I can not recommend this book and 7 step course enough. I read the entire 7 steps book in Dec. And in Jan I started rereading and implementing the steps. Having the ecourse helps me stay accountable and learn more and Susan’s voice is so calming and encouraging.
I have suffered from horrible IBS symptoms for 17 years. Been to many doctors and had many test, with no relief. My days, my family time, vacations, trips, all had to be planned around my digestive issues. But after giving up wheat (and I was told by doctors over the tears it was not or could not be wheat;) My symptoms are almost gone. I even had a flare up after eating wheat one day.
I am so thankful.
Also I am an emotional eater and the Bible study is helping me address some of those issues as well.
I have lost about 10 pounds with no/little exercise in just 2 months. But I feel like more so I am healing from within.
You will not regret reading any of Susan’s books or this ecourse.

I didn’t realize I had an overgrowth of Candida that has been causing me to eat sweets for years. This course helped me to take the steps to kill the Candida to stop eating the sweets so I could lose weight. Great course. Very thorough.

This course stopped me from becoming a diabetic. My blood sugars were high but I did not want to have give myself a shot of insulin everyday. So I took this course and it lowered my blood sugar levels to normal in just three months. It saved me. Thank you!

Wow, what a difference! I had no idea I you could have an overgrowth of Candida (a yeast) that would make you crave ice cream, Dr. Pepper, and all sorts of sugary foods. Once I figured out what was going on and killed the bug in my gut, my appetite returned to what it was years ago--normal. I no longer craved sugar.

Can you imagine not craving sugar or bread/pasta?? I couldn't. Now I can't stand the taste of sugar. Dr. Pepper is way too sweet, and I spit it out. Sugar is disgusting to me now. I've lost almost 30 pounds. I feel better, my health is better, I have clarity of mind, my eczema is gone, and my bloating is gone. I am back to the way that I used to be when I was in my 40s--a decade ago. Thank you so much for giving me life back! I can't recommend this course enough.

Susan Neal takes you on a step by step easy to follow journey to weight loss and feeling better. It is the easiest, most logical plan I've ever done!


Material Includes

  • 7 simple lessons
  • 8 videos
  • Handouts


  • The participant should purchase the book Healthy Living Series: 3 Books in 1 by Susan U. Neal to correspond with this course.
  • You will need a smartphone or computer to listen to or watch the videos.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to improve their health or weight.
  • Anyone who wants to improve the health of a loved one.
  • Someone with a chronic illness such as diabetes.
  • Individuals who are prediabetic and want to stop the disease process.
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