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I enjoy developing relationships with my readers through a private Facebook group titled 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar, Carbs, and Gluten. I wrote a book with the same title. Anyone is welcome to join. In a closed group, only group members can see the posts. The focus of this group is how to support each other through improving your health and weight by getting off sugar and refined carbohydrates. As an author, I want to provide my readers with the support they need, so I am available to answer their questions in this group.


Half of Americans live with a chronic illness and 40 percent suffer from obesity, primarily due to the overconsumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. These statistics break my heart. Therefore, I am on a mission to reclaim the health of Americans. Seven years ago I lost my health. I had to fight to get it back. Now I want to help others improve their health and weight.

Reader Benefit

I provide members with relevant information to support them in meeting their goals. I’m available to answer questions, but more than that, I push followers to expand their boundaries. I am a cheerleader, cheering them on with positive affirmations. I want to serve my audience. In the 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar, Carbs, and Gluten group, people ask questions regarding health, nutrition, and how to change their eating habits. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with my audience and providing them with the support they need. The camaraderie in the group is commendable. If I am not available to immediately answer a member’s post, other members respond and offer support. When someone shares a difficult time, we encourage each other. The connections are heartfelt. As members get to know one another, relationships develop.

The followers in this group ask questions I am happy to answer. I come alongside them during their transformation. Recently for my newest book, Solving the Gluten Puzzle, I asked my 7 Steps Facebook group if anyone would like to join the launch team. I had dozens sign up. They were super sweet to support me.

Recently I wrote a post about how changing habits take sixty-three days, not twenty-one. I explained that you want to change your subconscious mind which is your belief system. To do this a member of the group was listening to the Audible version of, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates. Listening helped change her mindset, which made it easier for her to stay away from unhealthy foods.


Anyone is welcome to join my Facebook group. This group provides members with direct access to me, the author of 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates. Groups can be powerful as the reader gets to know the person who wrote the book. Closed Facebook groups are beneficial for all involved.


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