Healthy Eating After the Holidays

For the person who wants to meet their healthy living goals:

Did you overindulge on holiday foods? I did. Last night while playing Monopoly with my three children I noticed I was quite indecisive and slow. I realized this was due to the large intake of sugar and delicious wheat products I had been eating during the month of December. Generally, I avoid sugar and wheat, but it was Christmas! Now I am feeling the adverse effects of the holiday sweets, and I must make a change and start eating healthier so I can get my energy back. I plan to do this by avoiding sugar and wheat.

By eliminating these two ingredients, I can begin cleansing my system of the overwhelming amount of bad food I have been eating this holiday season. It has been fun overindulging in delicious sweets, but I have gained weight, feel sluggish, and developed brain fog.

To succeed, I will need to use some smart little tricks. First, I will start by drinking a lot of water, and to entice me to drink I will add a slice of lemon and a few drops of stevia. It will almost taste like drinking lemonade. Delicious! Be sure to purchase stevia from the health food store. Truvia and other stevia products that list dextrose (sugar) as the first ingredient is not beneficial. However, inulin listed in the stevia product is excellent.

In addition, I will drink one glass of lemon water with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This tonic will decrease my craving for sugar. If at some point during the day I find myself craving sugar, I will drink another glass of vinegar water.

Next, I need to avoid eating any food with wheat such as bread, cookies, or bagels. Typically, I try not to eat anything out of a bag or box. In other words, nothing processed or pre-made. So what do I eat? Here is a sample menu:

Breakfast: granola, eggs, oatmeal or hash-browns. I avoid muffins, toast, bagels.

Lunch: salad with some type of protein such as avocado, boiled egg, chicken, or salmon.

Afternoon snack: a piece of fruit or raw vegetables with a dip like guacamole or salsa.

Dinner: a lean piece of meat such as chicken or fish with a starchy vegetable such as quinoa or brown rice and a vegetable along with a small side salad.

Evening snack: pop popcorn on top of the stove (not microwave) and use one-half butter and one-half olive oil along with salt and kelp granules.

Finally, I will need to get my bowels moving during this time of cleansing so all the toxins being released in my body get out of my system quickly. If they do not, I will get a headache and almost feel like I am coming down with the flu. So I will take fiber tablets in the morning on an empty stomach along with a lot of water. I will also drink one cup of detox tea. The water, fiber, and tea should get those toxins out of my system rapidly. The worse thing is getting constipated and feeling ill from cleansing. However, if I can get things eliminated out of my body fast then in only two days I will begin feeling much better and so will you!

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    • Hi Lisa, The detox tea is made by Yogi. It is called, DeTox: Healthy Cleansing Formula. You can sometimes find Yogi teas at grocery stores and definitely at health food stores.


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