Intermittent Fasting Helps You Lose Belly Fat

Scientific studies prove that intermittent fasting (IF) is beneficial for the body and mind. I’ve been practicing it for years. IF occurs when you eat within a specific window of time. I prefer a nine to ten-hour window. I eat dinner between 6 and 7 pm and fast until the next morning around 10 am. … Read more

10 Easy Summer Salad Recipes You Need to Try

Summer is a marvelous time to make fresh, healthy salads. Farmer’s markets offer an abundance of fresh produce. I’ve put together ten of my favorite salad recipes for you to enjoy. Every week I make a large, fresh salad (broccoli salad, beet salad, coleslaw, etc.) so I have it available for my family to enjoy. … Read more

What is a candida overgrowth? Learn how to treat gut issues.

The standard American diet contains dyes, chemicals, excess sugar, and the residue of pesticides and herbicides, which disrupts the gut equilibrium. However, the primary culprit of this imbalance is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the beneficial microorganisms and cause a bad guy—Candida—to overgrow. Candida eats sugar, alcohol, wheat, and processed foods, and that is what it makes … Read more

What is “Christian” Yoga? | Combining Faith + Yoga

Christian yoga is an oxymoron. To some, it seems to contradict one’s Christian faith. Yet there is more to yoga than most realize. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits are fascinating, and it can draw one close to God, and God will draw near to you (James 4:8). I hope this article will enlighten your … Read more