How to Lose Your Pandemic Pounds

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Processed Food

You can naturally lose weight through eating God’s food versus the food manufacturers. Food and beverage companies process food and strip it of its nutrients, to have a long shelf. Processed foods, like white flour, with their extended shelf life, do not go bad anymore because the natural nutrients were removed. Consequently, such foods don’t benefit the human body.


In fact, if we eat processed foods that do not contain nutrients, we deprive ourselves of essential vitamins and minerals. A lack of nutrients leads to malnutrition, but we are consuming high calories, so we gain weight. Yes, you can be malnourished and overweight at the same time. So your body craves more food because it needs nutrients.


God already placed the nutrients in the foods. Unfortunately, food industries take those nutrients out to extend the product’s shelf life, which benefits the companies’ bottom line but is detrimental to our health. No wonder our bodies are unhealthy.


Instead, replace processed products with whole, natural foods. An organic green apple costs less and contains more nutrition than a so-called packaged food in colorful, enticing boxes and bags. Fiber in fruit and vegetables fills your stomach and tells your body you are full. Processed foods remove the fiber so it takes a larger quantity of food to become full—so you eat more. The fiber in fruit slows digestion, which reduces the effects of sugar in raising your blood-sugar levels. As you eliminate processed foods from your diet, begin to consume more whole, organic fruits and vegetables; whole grains (brown rice, quinoa); beans; fish; meat; nuts; and seeds. Your body will thank you for nourishing it properly and respond by healing.


God’s Food

Each time you eat, look at your food, and assess whether or not it is God’s food. If a person primarily eats dead food, how does the body get the proper nutrients it needs? Improper nutrition causes cells in our bodies to get sick and mutate, and not function properly. When a cell within the human body replicates incorrectly, it becomes cancer. How can your body replace old cells with healthy new ones if you don’t nourish it with the essential vitamins and minerals it requires? It can’t.


With this program you don’t have to count calories or carbohydrates. Simply evaluate everything you eat to make sure it resembles the item from the garden or ranch. Check labels and try not to eat foods with more than five ingredients or 10 grams of sugar per serving.


The American Heart Association recommends limiting your calories from sugar to no more than half of your total calories, which is a lot. For most women in the US, that should be no more than 24 grams of sugar or 100 calories per day. For men it is 36 grams of sugar or 150 calories from sugar per day.


If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, your body probably won’t recognize it as food either. Begin to simplify the foods you consume. For example, eat two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, a whole avocado for lunch, and an apple for a snack. Ask yourself, “Did the food I am about to eat exist in the garden of Eden?” Food doesn’t have to be complicated.


It wasn’t complicated for Adam and Eve. They picked a piece of fruit or a vegetable and ate it. It doesn’t have to be difficult for us either. Instead of making an elaborate meal, eat fresh, raw vegetables, which cost less and are better for you than processed, sugar-laden products.



Listen to these results:


  • Reversed my diabetes type 2 after having it for seven years.
  • Lost 43 pounds in five months.
  • Lost 15 pounds in three weeks.


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Need tips to lose weight and troublesome symptoms? Sign up for my blog!