Eat God’s Food: A Kid’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Pensacola, Florida, June 25, 2021—Nearly 1 in 4 children are overweight or suffer from obesity. Susan U. Neal wants to eradicate this epidemic by educating children about developing wholesome eating habits through her newest release, Eat God’s Food: A Kid’s Guide to Healthy Eating. Susan helped thousands improve their health and weight with her award-winning … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health for a Better Life by Jayme Elizabeth

What are emotions? By nature, we look at emotions as a negative or a positive but rarely do we acknowledge they are designed by God for us to use for His glory. Interestingly enough the word emotion comes from the Latin root “movere,” which means to move or stir up. God gave us emotions to … Read more

2021 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Produce Lists

The non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) is dedicated to protecting the environment and our health. That is why every spring, the EWG creates the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen produce list. They measure the pesticide residue left on fruit and vegetables after they have been washed and peeled. The 2021 Dirty Dozen list includes the … Read more

6 Cancer and Disease Prevention Tips for Families on a Budget (By Ginny Dent Brant)

Nothing impacts a family more than the sting of cancer or a life-threatening disease. In 1930, the cancer rates were one in thirty. For today’s children, the rates are now one in two for getting cancer in their lifetime. In 2020, COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. Research … Read more

How to Establish Healthy Habits

Establishing healthy habits begins in the mind. If we understand what we have done to create an unhealthy mindset, we can rewire our brain with a positive attitude. This goes for thoughts about our self, food, and healthy habits. The beliefs you store in your mind influence your decisions. What do you believe about yourself? … Read more