How to Heal your Gut

Do you burp, expel gas, suffer from stomach aches or heartburn? Do you pass abnormal stools? These symptoms are not normal, but many people have grown used to them. The gastrointestinal microbiome is a delicate balance of beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeast. When the bad guys grow beyond normal limits, your microbiome … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

It takes time and effort to find that perfect gift. It is hard to figure out what to get the person who has everything. Books make an ideal gift. They are modest in cost, and their topics vary. First, determine the person’s interests so you can figure out what they might want to read. What … Read more

Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

We want to cook healthier desserts, but we want to keep that rich, delicious flavor. I’ve perfected these recipes and hope you enjoy them. My favorite is Granny Sue’s Cranberry Muffins. These muffins are filled with fresh cranberries and pecans. Both ingredients are ripe in the winter, so the holidays are the perfect time to … Read more

Becoming Physically Fit Can Be Humorous (By Ellen Fannon)

Many people are wondering how to re-establish a workout routine after fitness centers that were closed for the Covid-19 pandemic are opening back up. Besides the added precautions of wearing masks, wiping down the equipment, and maintaining social distance, we must be careful about jumping back into physical activity after a prolonged break in our … Read more

Tips for Holiday Gift-Giving

How does it feel when you receive the perfect gift? It feels even better when you’re able to give that special gift to someone else. Yes, giving is powerful! Research found that when you give to others your stress level lowers, and your mood improves. Studies showed that people are happier when they spent money … Read more