Thirteen of the Best Christian Children’s Books

Giving Christian books that inspire your children as Christmas Gifts is a great tradition to begin this holiday. Most likely, the Children in your life are asking for the latest gadgets and toys. As children, we opened the back of the Sears catalog and searched for what we would put on our Christmas lists. Unfortunately, those catalogs no longer exist. However, Amazon sends toy catalogs now. In my daughter’s classroom, several students received a copy last week. They took it to school to share. Therefore, the excitement of searching through pages to find the toy of your dreams is alive and well. And while a new toy might be the most wanted item on a list, a Christian book can inspire a child to grow into the person God wants them to be. In addition, writing a note on the inside cover is a great way to document the year and share why you selected the book you did.

As the tradition grows, you can reread books from previous years. Each book should be a timeless tale. Picture books are a great choice because they are often written for adults and children. The story should resonate with you regardless of age. Likewise, if it can help you and your child grow closer to God, it makes the perfect Christmas gift. Here is a list of some old and new favorites along with toys and objects you can give with each.

1.     The Little Pot

The Little Pot is a picture book about a potter who creates a small vessel and declares he has a special plan for it. In this inspirational story, the vessel is eager to discover its purpose. The potter gives the small pot items to hold, and with each, it wonders if this task is its purpose. Having papers makes the little pot feel smart. However, the potter removes the documents leaving the vessel feeling empty inside. Eventually, the potter places coins in the pot, and it feels rich. However, the potter removes the money as well. Then, the little pot is given dirt. Now, the clay vessel wonders even more what its purpose is. Unbeknown to the little vessel, the potter planted something into the soil, and something is beginning to grow. Eventually, the plant blooms beautiful flowers. Is its purpose simply being beautiful? Not exactly. The flowers do not last. Ultimately, they turn to fruit, and the vessel realizes its purpose does not come from what it holds but from what is produced.

Through this book, children will learn that their lives can produce the fruit of the Spirit. The book can be paired with a terracotta pot where they can grow things. Or you can give them a clay flowerpot to fill with items your child treasures. A one-inch clay pot can also make a cute Christmas tree ornament. In addition, wrapping the book and using the ornament as the bow will make a memorable gift.

The story is also available as a rhyming board book for toddlers. Its title is The Little Pot Rhyme.

2.     The Tea Pot  

This is the second book in the series. In this book, the potter grows fruit through Little Pot as he makes more vessels from clay. As other dishes are made, Little Pot watches and begins to compare himself to them. One day the potter makes a vessel that will serve a different purpose. It is a teapot. As the potter brews tea inside this vessel, Little Pot wonders if the teapot is better. The teapot makes a delicious tea. However, the vessels become frustrated when the potter continually pours out the liquid and picks the fruit. Selfishly, the vessels want to keep their fruit and tea. The Potter allows it. Eventually, the fruit rots and the tea spoils. Finally, the vessels realize they need the potter and ask him to clean and prune them. He does, and the vessels can now serve others.

Tea Pot becomes a vessel that serves just as we should serve others. Children will discover that helping others requires us to give away the things God gives us. The fruit of the Spirit is not something we possess. Instead, it is qualities that we show to others. This book can be paired with a tea set.

3.     The Oil Lamp

In the third book, Tea Pot and Little Pot enjoy growing fruit and serving. Likewise, their relationship with the potter continues to grow. The potter creates a small oil lamp. This vessel is designed to shine light among the other dishes. The potter knows that a storm is coming and light is needed. Unfortunately, the new clay vessel is too shy to shine its light and hides under bowls. Each time the potter ignites a flame, the fire is extinguished. The oil lamp needs encouragement. After hearing the testimonies of Little Pot and Tea Pot, the oil lamp has the faith it requires. Then, the potter places the oil lamp on a lampstand where it shines brightly.

Through this book, your child will learn to be like Little Pot and Tea Pot, sharing their experiences with others. They will become courageous like Oil Lamp, able to shine the light God has placed inside them with others. Pair this book with a candle or small flashlight.

4.     What is Christmas?

This board book by Michelle Medlock Adams teaches young children the true meaning of Christmas. The humorous text lists all the things that Christmas might be about, only to conclude that it is truly about celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Savior. With the whimsical art and rhyming, fun-to-read verse, even small children will come to understand what Christmas is.

Pair this book with a birthday party hat. After reading the book, children will see that Christmas is like a birthday party for Jesus.

5.     Mouse’s Christmas Gift

In this book by Mindy Baker, a little church mouse brings hope as he prepares a nativity set and lights a candle. His small act of faith will inspire children to make a difference during the holiday season too.

Give a manger set and candle along with this book. Help children think of friends they can share it with, just as the little church mouse did.

6.     Who God Wants Me to be

Crystal Bowman’s new book features a diverse cast of little girls dreaming of all the different careers they can have. Your children will be inspired to serve God in whatever path they take. If you know what career your child would like to take, then think about pairing this book with community helper costumes.

7.     The Creator in You

In this book, Jordan Raynor helps children to see that the sixth day wasn’t the end of creation. Children will be inspired to create as his image-bearers. They’ll see their future careers as God’s way of continuing to create through them.

Pair this book with your child’s favorite craft or building tools. Encourage them to make something new.

8.     Raven’s Gift

Claire Annette Noland’s brand-new picture book celebrates the Christmas story and inspires children to share their faith. As Raven flies to tell the other birds about Jesus’ birth, she learns that spreading the Word is a gift too.

Pair this gift with stationery and envelopes. Encourage your child to write Bible verses they can share with friends and family.

9.     My Hands Make the World

This book by Amalia Hoffman recounts the days of creation through the artistic hands of a child. It allows children to experience the biblical account of creation through their creative minds and artistic hands.

This book makes a great gift alongside finger paints and finger-painting paper.

10.  The Youngest Disciple

Eric Schrotenboer recounts Jesus’ life and teachings through the eyes of his disciple, John. Its rhyming story shows children they are called to be disciples of Jesus too. BibleToys has a 15-piece Playset that includes the 12 disciples. This is a great toy to give with this book.

11.  Small Gifts in God’s Hands

This book is an old favorite by Max Lucado. This is the fictional story of the boy who gave Jesus his lunch of five loaves and two fish. The boy hears or experiences other events from the Bible. Therefore, he is a witness to several miracles recorded in scripture. Each time the boy is discouraged, knowing he does not have anything God can use. He learns, however, that God can use small gifts. The story leads to the boy giving Jesus his small lunch and Jesus feeding the five thousand. Through this story, children will be inspired to share what they have for Jesus to use.

Pair this book with a small gift box with a piece of paper inside. Ask your child to write down something small that they can share. Brainstorm with them ways that God can multiply their gift.

12.  The Three Trees

This is a must-have book by Angela Hunt. This folktale is about three trees that dream of what they will become. Each plays a particular part in God’s story. Children read about the feed box that holds the baby Jesus, a small fishing boat He uses with his disciples, and finally, the cross where He dies for our sins. As the dreams of each tree are used in unique ways, children will realize their desires can be used to glorify God too.

After reading the story, add two small trees to your nativity scene to represent the second and third trees. The first is the manger that baby Jesus is in.

13.  Eat God’s Food: A Kid’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Finally is a book that will help your child grow into the strong and healthy adult God wants them to be. Through Susan Neal’s book, your child will discover how God made different foods. They will be encouraged to eat right and keep their bodies healthy. Pair this book with healthy toy food so children can form healthy eating habits at play.

In conclusion, these Children’s books make great Christmas Gifts because they’ll continue to minister to you and your children long after the toys have lost their luster. You can read about more books to gift at Christmas in these posts:

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