Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow Free Online Conference

Do you long to live a life you love? To be whole, healed, and full of life? The FREE Enjoy
Today Own Tomorrow (online) Conference will give you the tools and applications to attain
ultimate healing and live the life you want.

No one gets through this life without being hurt. However, far too many of us are not enjoying
life because of broken hearts and shattered dreams. Healing is possible . . . and YOU are worth
investing in to find it!

Join us as real women (April Osteen Simons, Kim Alexis, Nicki Rubin, Dorothy Newton, and
more) share their real-life stories of working through tremendous hurts to find triumphant
healings. These women’s stories represent all of us who have survived wounds caused by
betrayal, mental and physical abuse, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault,
abortion, tragic loss, and more.

The speakers share step-by-step how they found healing and learned to enjoy today and own
tomorrow victoriously. In this conference, you will receive:

 Encouragement that you are not alone, regardless of the traumatic hurts you have
experienced in your life
 An inside look at tried-and-true practical strategies that lead to healing
 Help creating a strategy to get free and live the life you love
 Companionship in the journey

The Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow conference will give you the spiritual applications and tactics
you need, so you know that despite the hurts and tragedies, tests, and trials you have faced,
healing is possible!

Do yourself a favor–don’t waste another second of your day—join us for this online conference.
It’s FREE and there is NO risk. You will find hope as you discover the power needed to Enjoy
Your Today and Own Your Tomorrow through these powerful real-life stories of hurts to

Each speaker’s heart is to encourage you that hope is available, healing is possible, and the
power you need is waiting to help. Join us and listen to 21 real-life stories of tragedy to triumph
and the sound spiritual solutions offered for you to find healing right now. It’s FREE until March
12, 2020 so act now. Click HERE to learn more. After this date, you still have access to the
conference for a small fee.


Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow Conference Speakers

April Osteen Simons, From Stolen Dreams to a New Beginning

April shares how she watched her God-given dream in one second being ripped from her life.
She inspires and encourages us to believe that the ends of our dreams can be the beginnings of
God’s new dream for us to live out in our lives. She helps us see God clearer as He opens up new
paths to realizing new dreams that give us the power to live out the life we love.

Mary Hudson, Healing from Abortion

Mary shares her steps to healing through the power of Jesus Christ after having an abortion. She
leaves us challenged with this question, “If we were to die today, where would we go? Heaven or
hell?” Mary wants you to really know the power inside, fueled by the Holy Spirit.

M’Lisa Goff, Finding Victory for a Shattered Heart

M’Lisa has had numerous life-altering events: divorce and remarriage her husband, surviving a
tragic car accident that left her hospitalized for months, losing her son in a car accident, and
more. M’Lisa walks us through insurmountable wounds and how we can be made whole. She
proves even the most severely broken and hopeless can find victory.

Lavonne Reeves, From Tragedy to Triumph

When Lavonne lost her high school daughter instantly in a car wreck, she lost not only her
daughter, but her marriage did not survive either. In the midst of tragedy, she became a single
mother to her surviving daughter, a preteen who had lost her sister. Lavonne takes us through her
nightmare and how she found the strength to face each day. If you have walked or are walking
through a tsunami of pain, Lavonne’s story will build your faith and help you find victory for

Susan Milligan, Overcoming Sexual Assault

Susan helps us walk through the trauma of rape and sexual assault and how she found
deliverance from addiction, rage, shame, and pain. Susan validates a woman’s traumatic story
and helps lead us through the process of healing. She loves to use all areas of her life–the good,
bad and ugly–to help others live a life of hope.

Terri Savelle Foy, Chasing God-Sized Dreams

You can find a life of success no matter how your life has been turned upside down. From a
teenage rape to an unexpected pregnancy, and battling for her marriage, Terri’s life
demonstrates the power of habits that have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the
world to live their dreams. Terri shares how changed habits change lives: “If we can dream it,
God can do it!”

Rhonda Robinson, Recovering from the Death of a Child

Rhonda shares the story of losing her 13-year-old son suddenly in a car accident, working
through many layers of grief as her oldest son was the driver. She helps us transform seasons of
darkness into a season of profound change to emerge as women with vision and purpose. For any
of us who are grieving whether from divorce, death, or the many other ways our hearts have been
shattered, Rhonda helps us find tools to walk through dark and stormy seasons.

Nicki Rubin, Growing a Faith that Moves Mountains

Nicki gives us a glimpse into her story of walking with her husband, Jordan Rubin, who was
diagnosed with cancer while she had three children four and under. Their lives were totally
turned upside down. Nicki shares how to overcome fear and become a person with faith who will
move mountains.

Tessa Emily Hall, Banish Negative Self-Talk

Learn how to get free of negative self-talk and comparison, so you can believe the truth of the
unique person you are. Dispel the lies that the enemy whispers in your ears with the voice of
God’s love for you. Tessa shares how to talk to ourselves and speak the truth so that we can find
the power to love ourselves.

Kim Alexis, Discovering Your Healthy Self-Image

Supermodel Kim Alexis walks us through her journey of battling a negative self-image. She
helps us discover that the way we view our bodies is vital to our self-esteem. She helps unpack
ways to find a balance between looking and feeling good and being healthy.

Debra George, Winning the War over Suicidal Thoughts

Debra had a devastating blow when her ex-husband, who was working as a minister, was caught
in an affair and left her. During this very dark time, Debra battled suicidal thoughts. She helps us
defeat the voices of death in our head and helps us bring victory to the battlefield in our mind to
overcome suicidal thoughts.

Nancy Alcorn, How to Find Healing from Trauma

Nancy shares about her life on how it was forever impacted when she was nine years old and her
baby sister was crushed to death on her daddy’s lap on a tractor. She never processed this trauma
or grief. In her vulnerability, as a Christian leader and founder of Mercy Multiplied, she
encourages us to seek out counseling if there are unhealed places in our lives causing us harm.

Dorothy Newton, Life After Abuse and Betrayal

Dorothy shares on how growing up, she witnessed her stepfather physically and verbally abuse
her mother and promised herself that she would never be in such a marriage, yet like so many
others, she repeated her mother's pattern. Dorothy shows how we too can find complete healing
and restoration in our lives.

Carly Hartman, Freedom from Anxiety

Carly shares how a friend intentionally tried to ruin her life. Carly battled anxiety and
unforgiveness. She takes us through the healing steps of forgiveness and freedom. Carly
empowers us to forgive our worst enemies and experience the benefits of forgiveness in our

Adrienne Cooley, Breaking Depression over Your Life

When Adrienne battled depression, she developed steps to escape the grip of these dark times.
She shares with us happy habits to help us climb out of depression. She shows us first-hand how
God desires us to be happy and how we will find it through His love.

Caroline Hare, Overcoming Rejection and Fear

Caroline shares how she was rejected and judged as she was acquiring her college degree. These
harsh treatments were leveled at her by the most unlikely candidates: other students in ministry.
How do we deal with religion that treats women badly? Caroline shares her tips on overcoming
rejection and judgment.

Lisa Osteen Comes, Triumph over the Death of a Dream

Lisa walks us through her devastating divorce from a godly man in ministry. She watched her
dreams die but found healing and complete restoration. Whether you have been hurt by a family
member or by another believer, these hurts can be healed. Lisa lays out steps for us to find God’s
best for our lives, even when we fight depression and disappointment through acts of betrayal.

Rena Parent, Surviving Financial Ruin

Rena shares how one day she was living the life of prosperity then in an instant her finances were
gone. Reeling from this blow, Rena learned, tested, and proved ways to rebuild your life so you
can be grateful and prosperous again. She shows us that we can be a better person, more self-
confident than ever before.

Susan Neal, How to Survive a Health Crisis

Susan shares how she was healthy and fine for over 49 years but then quickly cycled downhill in
her health. She walks us through the long process of no diagnosis to the wrong diagnosis until she
found the answers. Susan encourages any of us who struggle with our health to stay strong while
finding solutions. She gives steps to surviving emotionally as well as physically until health is
restored completely.

Jennifer Kochert, The Power of Surrender

Jenny shares about walking through trials when there seem to be no answers. Just a few months
into their marriage, her husband became sick and their lives were wrecked. She helps us find new
ways of experiencing God’s provision and trusting Him deeper in times of uncertainty and pain.

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