I want to share
what I learned

to help you reclaim
your health.

Hi, I'm Susan Neal, an RN, health coach, and Christian who wants to show you how to reclaim your health and ideal weight by giving you knowledge about unhealthy foods, solutions for resolving negative eating habits, and methods to incorporate God into your new healthy lifestyle.

When I was fifty I lost my health. I had no idea how precious it was until it was gone. I laid in bed, utterly exhausted, unable to function normally. It all began when an abscessed tooth poisoned my body. Over the next year, I developed ten medical diagnoses, endured two surgeries, and gained an unhealthy amount of weight. The doctors did all they could, but I still was not well.

As a registered nurse with a master’s degree in health science, I used my medical knowledge and the Bible to recover my health and weight. Taking a biblical approach to master my palate, I eliminated the foods I knew I should not eat. I want to share what I discovered, so you can achieve the extraordinary life God wants you to experience.

So I created the following “Healthy Living Series” of books:
7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Selah Award Winner)
Christian Study Guide for 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Best Bible Study Winner)
Healthy Living Bullet Journal (Best Inspirational Gift Book Winner)
Healthy Living Series: 3 Books in 1

Solving the Gluten Puzzle

I also developed a course, 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health and Optimal Weight, to teach others what might be the root cause of their negative eating habits and how to resolve it. Click here to sign up.

I am a Certified Christian Health and Wellness Coach with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Previously, I worked as a Kidney Transplant Nurse at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, Assistant Administrator at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and Quality Assurance Nurse at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

Currently, I own my own businesses. I live on five acres and grow organic fruits and vegetables. I enjoy swimming, horseback riding, and gardening. And I am the mother of three daughters. Check out our photo below.