I want to share
what I learned

to help you reclaim
your health.

When I was fifty I lost my health. I had no idea how precious it was until it was gone. I laid in bed, utterly exhausted, unable to function normally. It all began when an abscessed tooth poisoned my body. Over the next year, I developed ten medical diagnoses, endured two surgeries, and gained an unhealthy amount of weight. The doctors did all they could, but I still was not well.

As a registered nurse with a master’s degree in health science, I used my medical knowledge and the Bible to recover my health and weight. Taking a biblical approach to master my palate, I eliminated the foods I knew I should not eat. I wanted to share what I learned, so you can achieve the extraordinary life God wants you to experience.

So I created the following “Healthy Living Series” of books:
• 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Selah award winner)
• Christian Study Guide for 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates (Peach award winner)
• Healthy Living Bullet Journal
• Healthy Living Series: 3 Books in 1

I am also a Certified Christian Health and Wellness Coach with the American Association of Christian Counselors. 

Previously, I worked as a Kidney Transplant Nurse at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, Assistant Administrator at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and Quality Assurance Nurse at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Currently, I own my own businesses, Christian Yoga, LLC, and Jesus Reigns, LLC. I live on five acres and grow my own organic fruits and vegetables. I enjoy swimming, horseback riding, and gardening.