Yoga for Beginners – Kindle


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Yoga for Beginners eases you into the inner peace you long for at an easy, step by step beginner’s pace. Through Susan’s gentle encouragement, you will learn how to improve your flexibility and relieve your stress. A broad range of yoga poses provides many options for the beginner to intermediate level student.

You deserve more than basic yoga postures and in Yoga for Beginners, you get it. You will begin to breathe a new sense of well-being when you follow Susan’s life-changing eating practices. Learn not only what to do and eat, but why.

This book includes:

  • 60 basic yoga poses with full-page photographs and detailed explanations
  • Three different routines to give you a variety
  • Warm-up stretches
  • Injury prevention and posture modification suggestions
  • How to ease pain and anxiety
  • Essential components of yoga such as breathing and stretching
  • Meditation techniques to reduce your stress
  • Low glycemic diet guidelines to obtain your optimal weight
  • Causes of sugar cravings and solutions for controlling them
  • Susan’s personal story of how she lost her health and the steps she took to regain it

Susan Neal RN, a certified yoga instructor, with a Master in Health Science shares what she has learned through her 30-year journey of practicing yoga and obtaining ultimate health through proper nutrition.

Need tips to lose weight and troublesome symptoms? Sign up for my blog!
Need tips to lose weight and troublesome symptoms? Sign up for my blog!