Food Addiction Quiz

Use these links to online quizzes to determine if you are addicted to food: or

For additional information about food addiction, read my article on One Christian Voice:

Candida Tests

To determine if you have a candida infection of the the gut, go to one of the sites below for a detailed explanation of the spit test:


These two websites also include written Candida tests you can complete for further assessment.

Gluten Intolerance Quiz

Recommended Products List

List of Recommended Products

Sugar Substitute

I found a natural sweetener with zero calories that rates zero on the glycemic index—Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener (; which is made from monk fruit.

Einkorn Flour Supplier

Einkorn wheat, a variety of nonhybridized wheat, might be available from a local provider that stone grinds the whole kernel into whole-grain einkorn flour. I found such a supplier at a local farmer’s market in Pensacola, Florida. Her business is Our Daily Bread, and the Facebook page is I purchase freshly ground whole grain einkorn flour from her.