Book Categories and Keyword

Sell More Books?

Is your book selling well? Would you like to attain a higher Amazon rank which would result in more sales? You can benefit from amazing sales when you add book categories and strengthen your book’s keywords. The results are exceptional.

When I added seven more categories to my book 7 Steps To Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates, it jumped from number ninety-eight in the diet category to number one in the healthy diet category. A healthy diet is a more specific category with fewer competing books. All it took was one phone call, and it became a number one Amazon bestseller. 


When your book ranks number one, Amazon posts a best-seller sticker next to it. That’s advertising at its best, and it’s free! When buyers see the label, they are much more likely to purchase the corresponding book. This causes sales to soar. The month after the sticker was applied to my book, I sold over 800 copies. My book continued to be listed as number one on Amazon for the rest of the year and sold over 6000 copies that year.

When I added additional categories to my other six books, all of them listed in the top one hundred books for at least one category. Imagine what this one change could do for your book, too! When your book gets into the top 100 books for an Amazon category, your book becomes an Amazon bestseller. In addition, Amazon lists your book in the “Best Seller Section” for that category.

Figuring out categories is challenging since there are thousands of book categories for e-books and print books. That is where I can help. I can determine the best categories for your book.



Amazon uses categories to rank books. Typically, your book is placed in three Amazon categories. However, you can put your book into ten categories, and I will teach you how. For $150 I will determine ten categories and teach you how to add them to Amazon.

 BUT WAIT, I can do more to help readers find your book! 


The second tactic to increase your Amazon ranking is strengthening your book’s keywords. Amazon allows you to list seven keywords for each eBook and print book. That’s fourteen keywords, not just seven. I determine your keywords based on how many Amazon searches are performed per month for each keyword so you can select the keywords with the most searches. 

For my newest release, Solving the Gluten Puzzle, over 18,000 monthly searches are performed for the fourteen keywords (seven for the eBook and seven for the print book). After you figure out the best keywords, add them to the Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark detail section for your book. For $150 I will determine the strongest fourteen keywords for your book. 

Categories and Keywords COMBO DEAL

For $300 I will determine your book’s categories and keywords.

After you add additional book categories and more robust keywords to your book’s listing, your book’s sales rank will soar. Give your book every chance to succeed, and you will be amazed at its growth.

If you would like to learn how to determine your own keywords and categories, join Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA) where I will show you how to determine your book’s keywords and categories.

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