Author Coaching

Have you ever dreamed of publishing a book and selling thousands of copies? Susan Neal can help you fulfill your writing dreams. She has consistently sold a thousand books every quarter for the past couple of years.

Would you like to get more sales for a published book? Susan can teach you how to book a podcast tour as she obtained over twenty guest interviews in six months on her most recent tour. Take her course, How To Sell 1000 Books in Three Months. This course covers both pre-publication planning and marketing strategies to sell more books.

Susan Neal RN, MBA, MHS is a certified author coach with the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA). Her MBA makes her an ideal coach for those desiring to market and sell more books.

She is also passionate about helping other writers find their God-inspired writing path. She found her path through rejection. Read her article on Suite T blog “Finding Your Writing Path through Rejection.”

If you are a new writer, Susan can help you learn how to create and sell digital products or articles, as well as put you on the path to writing--and selling--your first full-length book. You can make money through this career. Once you are ready to publish your book, she can guide you to obtain an Amazon best-selling ranking.

Are you about to attend a writers' conference? Susan can help you make the most out of your experience. Learn how and why you should enter the conference contest and obtain critiques. Do you need help creating a one-sheet or book proposal? How about crafting your elevator pitch? Susan can help.

Susan’s best-seller, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates, was named the 2019 Selah Award's Best Nonfiction Book of the Year--at one of the largest Christian writers conferences in the US, Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. It sells around 300–400 copies per month. Southern Writers magazine published her article, “How to Sell 1000 Books in Three Months.” In January 2019, she beat her record and sold over 900 copies of her books.

She self-published seven books and can help make your dream come true to self-publish your own book. Check out her article on Inspired Prompt Make Your Dream Come True and Self-Publish Your Book.”

Are you interested in learning about the work behind the publishing process? She can guide you through it all including branding, inexpensive book covers, social media and its automation, email subscriber list, opt-in gifts, author virtual assistant, Amazon ads, website creation. When it comes to the writing business Susan does it all.

If you are interested in a free author coaching session with Susan, schedule a time below, and please fill out the form that will pop up. Susan will review your information and contact you for your first free 20-minute session. Please check out my coaching packages for current rates.